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4 Top Tips to Win Your MMA Bets

MMA or Mixed Martial Arts. Before you get started with MMA betting fights you’ll find it is a pretty straightforward process. But, there is a significant difference between smart MMA betting and the odd MMA bet. Although there is no known science to MMA betting, there are great ways to boost your success odds. Essentially, MMA betting has some common pitfalls that newbie bettors can become victims too. The good news is that we can help you know how to easily avoid them.

Below are some MMA betting hacks and tips you can rely on before placing real money bets on the fights.

MMA News – Shop Before you Wager

The Internet has a wide variety of sportsbooks online and not all of them are created equal. This also means that the odds of the fights vary based on the sportsbook you have chosen. If you are looking to wager on MMA, you must shop around at different online sportsbooks, a practice referred to as line shopping. The best time to find a flawed betting line is just after the sportsbook has posted the lines.

We strongly recommend that you bookmark the MMA section of your selected bookmaker and check it out every day or so. It will also help if you keep a calendar of the big events from the major MMA promotions so that you may know the fights that are coming up. If you do this often, you will learn the ins and outs of every sportsbook and be in a position to precisely predict when the sportsbook will post the odds for fights that are coming up.

Styles Make Fights

This is a term you hear often in the MMA, but it’s 100% true and very important to remember. You cannot just place bets on a fighter based on their popularity or their best record. Even a great star like Floyd Mayweather can easily get caught and too, the best MMA fighter. This is the nature of the sport.

Today, the best MMA fighter is perfectly rounded and trained in different disciplines, but each of them has weaknesses and strengths. Sometimes the best MMA fighter might have a style, which can easily exploit the weaknesses of their opponent, and although the opponent might be on a great winning streak, their tendencies might play into the other fight’s skillset.
You must try to find out as much as you can about the fighter that you are looking to bet on or against. It’s paramount that you understand their weaknesses and strengths to find the right value.

Do Not Be Afraid Of The Underdog

As any seasoned sports bettor will tell you, sometimes should be willing to wager the underdogs, especially if there is value. This is particularly true in MMA betting; especially in the UFC where the juice can be easily increased and the winning odds often shift to the best MMA fighter favourite.
While losses can be hard to understand especially for newbies, but if you want to win in the long run, then you must be willing to take risks to find value, whether it is the underdog or the favourite.

MMA Betting Avoiding Heavy Favorites

When it comes to MMA Betting, unless you are looking to include a heavy favourite into the parlay bet, the heavy favourites usually lack value. This is an extension of what we discussed earlier. If you are new to MMA betting, it makes sense to wager on a winning and best MMA fighter. This is the main reason you see the big swings in the winning odds as you edge closer to a fight and casual MMA gamblers start placing wagers. The favourite odds tend to become shorter since most gamblers just want to bet on a winner, even in cases where the payout will be small.

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